Joyce Geeting, Cello
Robert Sage, Piano

1.        Carol Worthey - 'Elegy' 22:51
2.        Max Bruch - 'Kol Nidrei' 10:20
3.        Johannes Brahms ~ 'Sonata, opus 78' - 'Vivace ma non troppo' 11:27
4.        'Adagio' 08:25
5.        'Allegro molto moderato' 08:39

Total Performance Time 1:01:42

Elegy was World-premiered by Cellist Joyce Geeting and Concert Pianist Robert Sage at St. Martin-in-The-Fields on March 18th, 2003 and is reprised here in this newly released recording. The work, commissioned by Dr. Geeting, is an offering of love and healing written in the aftermath of September 11th. 'Elegy' begins with the innocence of early morning and ends with the sunrise of the following day. 'Elegy' is both a tribute to those lost and a healing work for those left behind. The work has since been performed numerous times since its premiere. 'Elegy' is currently being orchestrated by the composer into a symphony-length full orchestra Cello Concerto.  Love is never really lost, courage is never really in vain and there will always be a new sunrise.
From the Frontispiece of Elegy (as written by the composer)

Joyce Geeting, Cello
Daniel Rothmuller, Cello
Robert Sage, Piano

1.    Gasper Cassadó - 'Requiebros' 5:02
2.     Maurice Ravel - 'Pièce en Forme de Habanera' 3:26
3.     Enrique Granados - 'Orientale' 2:40
4.    'Andaluza' 3:58
5.    'Rondalia' 3:49
7.    'Cuba' 4:23
8.     Sevilla' 4:31
9.     Enrique Granados - 'El Mirar de la Maja' 2:30
10.  'La Maja Dolorosa' 2:36
11.   Albert Ginastera - 'Pampeana #2' 9:16
12.   David Popper - 'Serenade' 3:44
13.   Manuel de Falla ~ Seven Spanish Songs - 'El Paño moruno' 2:03
14.   'Seguidilla Murciana' 1:18
15.   Asturiana' 2:18
16.   'Jota' 2:52
17.   'Nana (Berceuse)' 2:09
18.   'Canción' 1:17
19.   'Polo' 1:28
20.   Enrique Granados - 'Intermezzo' 3:25
21.   'Madrigal' 4:33

Total Performance Time 1:13:55

These twenty-one pieces will surely evoke images of Spain as you play them again and again. Chamber Music Plus has assembled works of Albeniz, Cassadó, deFalla, Ginastera, Granados, Popper and Ravel that express the spirit of Spain.

Cellist Joyce Geeting has performed many concerts throughout the United States and Europe as soloist and chamber musician, often featured on radio or television. As soloist she performed Kodaly Sonata, opus 8 and Villa Lobos Sonata for European Television. She has performed as soloist with the American Institute in Graz, Austria and in Rimbach, Germany, for the British Music Information Center in London, for festivals in Eisenstadt and Rome, and with the Collegium Quartet toured in Germany and Austria.  She was the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant for chamber music touring.   As cellist she has served on the faculties of the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, Cornell College, University of Redlands, and California Lutheran University. In addition, she aids young cellists in their musical development.  She has many award-winning students as well as former students who are professionals on three continents.  Joyce has also  performed in Georgetown’s Everyay Mansion overlooking Washington, D.C. and in Salzburg, Austria in the new concert hall of the Mozarteum. The work performed, Body Notes, is newly composed complete with video, by pianist Dr. Hector Rasgado Flores, physiologist and professor at the Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago. The work is a fascinating visual and aural description of human physiology and the life experience. This cello- piano duo has performed also in Chicago, in Los Angeles, and in Mexico City for that country’s bicentennial in March of 2010.

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Gordon Jacob, Chamber Music for Clarinet Concertino, Five Pieces for Solo Clarinet, Three Songs, Quintet for Clarinet and Strings Daniel Geeting, clarinet, with California Chamber Artists  Brahms’ Sonata, opus 78 and Sonata, opus 70 by Shostakovich
For cello and piano Joyce Geeting, cello and Robert Sage, piano

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